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Gottfried Böhm


01/23/1920 – 06/09/2021

Gottfried Böhm is one of the most internationally renowned German architects. His work ranges from the post-war period and the reconstruction of West Germany to the early 10s of the 21st century. Both the scope and diversity of his architecture are surprising. His works are characterised by a particular care for building structures and urban contexts. In 1986, Gottfried Böhm was the first German architect to receive the Pritzker Prize, one of the most famous and important awards in architecture. All his buildings are recognisable by his very own signature. Gottfried Böhm continued to work productively as an architect until his old age. His comprehensive architectural oeuvre represents an essential component of German Modernism and is emblematic of democratic Germany in the 20th century.

»... to live what you want
to do architecturally. «

Some of Gottfried Böhm's buildings

Christi Auferstehung Köln Lindenthal, (c) Böhm family
Dom von Neviges (c) Böhm family
Bethania Kinderdorf (c) Böhm family
Peek und Cloppenburg Berlin (c) Böhm family
WDR Köln (c) Böhm family
ZÜBLIN-Haus Stuttgart (c) Böhm family